Dana - Online Coaching Client

I have been chubby all my life. About 5 years ago I started to make some changes with my diet and exercise and lost 10kg. I met Kara at the gym, and she has been writing my program for the last 2 years, and my body composition and shape changed dramatically. Every program she checks in with me to see what I want to focus on for the month and then sends it to me.

 I am in contact with her constantly and she is always available for any questions I have. Over the past 2 years I lost another 10kg of fat, gained muscle, and had a baby! During my pregnancy she adapted my program to suit my changing body and I trained up until 4 weeks before the birth. I am now training again and have new “booty” goals, which I am achieving.

Sara - Project Manager

Hi, I emailed Kara for 1-1 personal training. She was quick to respond and meet and initally she came to my house twice a week for my sessions. We worked out my goals, and she kept me accountable on my nutrition and daily activity , and over 6 months I lost 10kg in body fat and changed my body shape. I found a love for exercise and since she moved away she has continued to coach me online and I have maintained great results...I am so proud of myself.

Super Sue- Mum

I was training with Kara for 5 years when she was in Australia. Straight away I started seeing results. My body changed quickly ( I was pretty lean to start with), and my strength increased. I saw muscles in my arms and abs, and I was improving a lot in my sport (triathlon).I went from zero chin ups to 10, the barbell squat to 60kg squat for 10 reps, 5 push ups maximum to 15 push ups on my toes, within the first 8 months. Kara is an excellent and knowledgeable PT and a positive person to be around, I always felt uplifted after every session with her. 

Nadav- Cyclist

I am a young athlete in mountain biking. I knew I had some strength weaknesses and I took Kara as an online coach for my off season prep in the gym. She spoke with me extensively about my goals on and off the bike and wrote a monthly program tailored specifically to me, to increase overall strength in my legs and core. Her program were excellent and easy to follow and I checked in with her every week, and she changed my exercises according to any injuries I had at the time. I highly recommend Kara.