What is the best type of training for you?

Firstly the best type of training is one that you enjoy and you know you can keep doing it for a long time and incorporate it into your lifestyle. There are so many options available right now, so there are no excuses not to find something that you like.

It's a good idea to check in with your personality type to determine if the type of training suits you. Here are some options:


  • This is for you if you love a lot of people and are very social and want to make new friends

  • Are very competitive and like going in competitions

  • Are patient and supportive with all levels

  • If you prefer more cardio based training- outdoor bootcamps, running groups, swimming squads, cycling groups or triathlon squads

  • Prefer training outdoors

  • If you like just turning up and following the monthly program

  • Can also be in a Crossfit box (conditioning, strength, cardio, HIIT sessions)

  • If you enjoy training 4 + times a week (the program is normally big)

  • Want to be a part of a "fitness community"


  • This is for you if you prefer a more intimate training where the trainer can focus on you, but is still social and good value for money, up to 8 people

  • If you prefer a mix of cardio,weights/strength or HIIT sessions- can be both indoors and outdoors

  • If you are a beginner and feel intimidated in a big group but you still like training with others

  • If you want to learn good technique without paying for 1-1 personal training

  • Most likely studio training- smaller facility where the trainer can see you and correct you

  • You want to train 2-3 times a week and work hard for the hour that you are there in a structured session

  • Can also be a pilates or yoga studio


  • This could be "ZOOM" sessions - where you join a class with a trainer at a specific time, or "On Demand" sessions that are normally paid for pre-recorded sessions with a trainer that you can do at the time that suits you at home.

  • Good for times in "isolation" to connect with people and feel part of a community or group through social media.

  • Can also be through a paid app on your phone, to do either in the gym or at home (normally shorter HIIT-style sessions, up to 30 mins), solo.

  • Online training can also be 1-1 coaching with a specific online program (monthly) that you do yourself in a gym or at home. Your coach will write the program according to your goals and it is up to you to do it. Can include weekly check-ins, and technique correction via video.

  • This will work for you if you prefer working on your own (at home or in a gym), and you are familiar with the technique and exercise selection and you know how to appropriately overload with either weights or reps each week.

  • Cheaper than 1-1 face to face personal training, and you still have a personalised program and a coach.

  • If you are self motivated and love training, and like to work out on your own in a gym or at home, in your time.

  • It only works if you actually do the program!

  • Online training can also be any free classes on YouTube (there are plenty), at home.


  • PT is for you if you are a beginner and are new to strength training and want to learn the correct technique

  • If you have very specific goals- including rehabilitation post injury or surgery, a lot of weight to lose, or you want to change your body composition with professional 1-1 guidance

  • 1-1 Personal Training can give you the best results and the biggest increase in strength gains

  • The main focus is on strength or weight training, not on cardio

  • You want a trainer to confide in and trust with your goals

  • You prefer 1-1 and don't like people

  • Can be either in a studio or gym setting

  • More expensive- but depending on the trainer, good value for money

  • Tailored to the times you want to train (depending on availibilty)


  • This is for you if you enjoy a leisurely stroll or bike ride and are not really focused on a specific goal, you just want to do some easy daily activity for general health

  • Good for family bonding time together- a hike in nature or a family weekend bike ride.

Whatever you choose, think about what suits you the best before you jump into just anything. If you know you don't love people, then its probably better to not choose a big group just because your friends love it....focus on you and what you want. Many places give you a complimentary session to see if its the right fit for you- so go ahead and try a few different things, until you find someone you connect with or something that you like and can see you will get the results you want over time. Strength training works! I highly recommend it, and so does 1-1 Personal Training, it's the best! I could be slightly biased, but in my personal and professional opinion (and I am a PT for 17 years), when I have my own coach or personal trainer (either online or face to face), I get the best results by far, both physically and mentally. It is worth the investment in your health.

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