Training on a budget- what to invest in and where to start.

If you are new to training (or training from home due to another lockdown) and want to minimise spending a lot of money, I can help you decide on what your best investments are, how to begin and what to do.

  • Buy a pair of durable shoes- cross trainers, for running/walking and lifting weights. Shop at outlet stores (the Nike Outlet/ DFO) to get the best price, go for comfort and support over colour.

  • Start walking daily- this is free! Build it up to 1-2 interval runs during your week.

  • Add in bodyweight exercises- begin with the basics, focus on technique, depth, mind/muscle connection, feeling the correct body part being used, bracing and breathing.

  • Exercises to include are squats, lunges, split squats, push ups, dips, step ups, chin ups (if you have a bar), planks, mountain climbers, hollow holds, glute bridges, hip thrusts. There are many variations of these exercises also.

  • An easy way to start is 3 sets of 8-15 reps of these exercises (you can split them up), 2-4 times a week. I recommend writing a program/ plan to follow weekly - you can do this yourself, write it down or put it in a Google Sheets spreadsheet into your phone, (download the app) so its easily accessible anytime. If you are resistance training 3 x a week outdoors this could look like:


2-4 sets of each exercise grouped together

Rep Range: 8-15 reps depending on the difficulty of the exercise

A1 Squats

A2 Single Leg Step Ups (using a park bench seat)

B1 Incline Push ups (using a bench)

B2 Tricep Dips on a bench

C1 Eccentric Chin Ups (using playground equipment- monkey bars), jump up - hold, then 3-5 sec slowly down

C2 Walking Lunges

D1 Mountain Climbers

D2 Russian Twist

This is a great, effective, not so easy, bodyweight outdoor (free) workout. When you write it down you are more likely to stick to the plan and complete everything. You can tick it off and record the amount of reps/sets as you go and try to better it on the next session.

  • A cost effective investment is resistance bands including a set of minibands. I would purchase a set of different levels of resistance, or at least 2- one extra heavy for back rows/squats and one a bit lighter for shoulder press. Minibands/ Booty bands are great for firing up the small muscles in your glutes and can make a big difference on building your booty without a barbell or dumbbells.

  • A resistance-band program could look like:


2-4 sets

Rep Range 8-15 reps depending on the difficulty of the exercise

A1 Standing Banded Shoulder Press

A2 Back Rows

B1 Banded Squats (using your heavy band and a miniband above your knees)

B2 Bulgarian Splits Squats ( your back foot is on a park bench)

C1 Push Ups

C2 Banded Flyes

D1 Lying Glute Bridge (feet up on a bench)

D2 Seated Banded Abduction (leaning forward)

E Banded Woodchops (high to low)

This is another super effective workout to do outdoors or at home using resistance bands.

Again, the best way to get the desired result is to do the work- everyday, every week, over the year. Consistency always beats perfection, and if you get sick or injured, focus on the body parts that work and train them!

To check your technique there are plenty of video demonstrations on YouTube. Google the exercise, watch a few different videos- I like Jordan Syatt from Syatt Fitness and Dr Mike Israetel from Renaissance Periodisation for technique and quality information. I also have a free exercise library on my website with video technique.

I hope this helps. Any questions please email or direct message me via Facebook, I'm here for you!

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