Setting up a home gym, following a program and staying motivated- I talk about everything here!

With the current situation in the world, it is essential to be flexible and to be prepared for a possible lockdown. Your goals do not need to change- if anything now is the time to stay active and focus on good health, getting stronger, cooking skills, meditation and finding a routine for training at home (if required to).

In any case here is my essential list for setting up your home gym space.

  1. Get a program- following a monthly periodised program is one of the ways to guarantee success while training from home. A program written by a qualified trainer can be tailored to your goals, time, and the equipment you have at home. Commit to it for 6-12 months or more to really see results.

2. To begin you can definitely start with bodyweight exercises if you want to -there are plenty of YouTube trainers that you can follow doing bodyweight workouts. After a while you may need the basic minimal equipment. I suggest investing in-

  • At least 2 sets of dumbbells or kettlebells, a heavier set for legs and a bit lighter for upper body.

  • A set of resistance bands with handles (mainly for upper body).

  • A mat

  • A bench or step

  • A set of booty bands -thick and mini

  • Even a chin up bar to put in between a door is good (and not expensive)

  • Suspension straps (TRX or similar) if you like them and use them

3. If you are getting serious about training from home, enjoy it and have a spare room or garage I would add a squat rack with an Olympic bar and weights up to 100kg, an adjustable incline bench and a back extension or GHD machine.

With all of this equipment you can get excellent results training 3-5 x per week, following a program consistently over time. Using an online coach with this set up, will keep you accountable and progressing and your coach can assess and correct your technique through video. This is one of the reasons why I always film my bigger lifts, so I can assess my technique and send it to my coach for him to assess and make small changes.

There is no point in making this investment if you know you this room will ultimately become a glorified washing line, so commit and make it happen. Recruit your partner, plan your training days in your diary and follow the plan.

To make a habit stick you need to practise it daily for around a year, and focus on the FEELING- not the physical. Lifting weights, or any sport training (running, cycling, swimming etc) gives you a feeling of achievement, it also releases the "feel good" endorphins and is the number 1 natural antidepressant!

I call training mental health therapy, because I know I am a much nicer person when I exercise daily. On "days off ", it is a good idea to stay active- walk the dog, yoga, stretching or an easy bike ride- this is for CV fitness and also to stay in a routine of exercising daily.

If you need help, don't know where or how to start, or find the whole thing too overwhelming- I can help you find a solution to include exercise in your day! I write programs, train groups (if you live in Zurit or Gilon in Israel), I work with people online and 1-1 PT. If accountability is your problem, working with a PT ongoing is the answer- it works, I promise- just flex your willpower muscle, commit 100%, turn up, and be patient! Over time you will reap the rewards both internally and externally, to look and feel your best.

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