Losing The Last 5kg

When people talk about their health and fitness goals, one of the goals I regularly hear is "I just want to lose 5kg". Sounds easy enough right?

It depends....

If you are at a healthy normal BMI (18.5-24.9) and you feel good, your body functions well, you have energy, libido, and regular periods, you eat a healthy balanced stress-free diet, this means your body is happy and in homeostasis! A calorie deficit will disrupt this homeostasis and over time your body will fight the process - your hunger might increase, recovery and libido will decrease and your body will start to metabolically adapt (conserve energy).

A person who has never dieted before will have an easier experience with this. If you are in and out of diets it is probably better to stay in maintenance for at least 3-6 months and bring your calories up and focus on healthy eating behaviours and performance based goals instead.


1. Start with your WHY and write it down with a photo of yourself right now and put it on your mirror. For example a strong reason may be an upcoming beach holiday, a wedding, 6-9 months post birth, a very important occasion or competition (triathlon/running or a weight class sport.

2. Get a nutrition coach or see a dietician to make sure you are in the best calorie deficit for your body composition and activity levels (more is NOT better) with the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to support your goal. Flexible dieting is the best way to go- and hitting your calorie/macro targets each day. You can work out a calorie amount by multiplying your fat loss goal weight in pounds by 12-14.

E.g. 140lbs (goal weight) x 12-14 = 1680-1960 cals per day.

3. Prep and plan all your meals and training sessions each week- this is imperative to success! Check in with your coach weekly or fortnightly to stay or track. Bring out your discipline/willpower muscle when there is temptation in front of you! Remember why you started.

3. Have a start and end date (this is super important), around 8-10 weeks is probably just the right amount for up to 5kg fat loss diet- much longer will start to mentally and physically drain you. If haven't reached your goal and you are going well then continue to 12 weeks maximum.

4. Get a training buddy or join a group to do a "challenge". It is much easier to stick and reach your goals if there is an incentive and buzzing vibe with your new tribe.

5. Put maximum effort into every single training session. Train at least 4 times a week (strength/HIIT) with daily walking. Join a group or get a coach and have a plan. It takes real effort to get results!

6. When you finish celebrate and the next day get back into it! Continue the good practises you have been doing- strength training, walking/running and planning and preparing your meals. Don't stop this habit.

7. Have a maintenance plan coming out of the diet for the same amount of time you were in the diet- to keep it off!! This is where a good coach really works in your favour.

8. Enjoy the process - you decided to do it, so don't complain how hard it is. Practise saying "no" and winning each day.

9. Any loss is a loss, be happy- the scale does not define you. Choose more than the scale to track progress. This could be :

  • energy levels

  • RHR (resting heart rate)

  • weekly selfies for visual reference

  • how your clothes fit

  • measurements

  • Waist to hip ratio

  • learning how to cook and eat healthier lower calorie meals

  • performance in training sessions

If you need help I am a qualified Precision Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer- I can help you both with flexible dieting and strength training to achieve the body you desire. Call or email me if you have had this goal for a while and are ready to make it happen and keep it off.

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