Is the scale making you depressed? Try performance based goals instead!

With every magazine targeted at women to "drop a dress size", "lose 3kg in 15 days" or some other sexist stupid fad claim that people buy into, it's easy to see how a lot of clients who come to me tell me they want to lose weight as their number 1 goal.

I like to suggest instead of a "number on the scale" goal in the beginning, why not focus on a performance based goal? It takes the pressure off weighing yourself daily (and most probably an unrealistic number), and a feeling of failure if the scale is not moving downwards; to purposeful exercise and getting stronger mentally and physically.

Here are a list of advantages to have performance-based goals over weight loss goals:

  1. A performance based goal takes the emphasis off how you look and onto training, technique, learning new skills and strength.

  2. It gets women excited about lifting and becoming stronger

  3. It is empowering when you can squat, deadlift, bench press & row with a decent weight.

  4. It creates an internal drive, a sense of pride and brings out the competitive spirit when you see progress from increasing the weight/reps each week, or getting your first full push up or chin up.

  5. Performance based goals have a positive ripple effect- you get stronger, more self confident, and you become more aware of your nutrition, sleep and hydration for recovery.

  6. The visual aesthetics come over time with consistent training- you clothes fit better and look better on you, your posture is straighter and you feel energised.

  7. And surprisingly after a few months of consistent training and better eating then you will see the number on the scale go down- even without focusing on it every single day!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best at all, just be wary of fad workouts and diets that promise big results in an unreasonably short amount of time. Nothing worth having comes easily, and health and fitness goals are no exception. Let's get into it now, set some purposeful goals and DO THE WORK!

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