How to start running

Want to start running but have no idea how? Read on....

1. Make a plan- how many times a week are you committing to running? 1-3 times a week is a good place to start.

2. There are many great free Apps to help you begin C25k (couch to 5km) is a good one to start with. There is also Apps called mapmyrun, runkeeper, endomondo, to name a few.

3. Invest in new running shoes, probably a good idea to get proper running shoes to prevent injury....and if they feel great on, it's more of an incentive to get out there and run.

4. Start by running and walking, you can use time or land based markers for when you are going to run and when you will walk.

5. Each time you run, do more running less walking, until you are eventually running most of the way.

6. Pace yourself, it takes at least 15 minutes for your body to warm up and get into your running and breathing rhythm. Don't go too hard to early.

7. Look around, enjoy the scenery especially if you are outside. If you run with music, pre-select a playlist that will keep you motivated for the time you are running.

8. Switch it up- add in a short, fast interval session once a week. For example 30 second sprints, 1 minute jog/walk for 20-30 minutes.

9. Find a competition near you and enter into it, give yourself a goal to work towards.

10. Join a running group or go in the "Park Run", which is a free event every Saturday morning all over Australia, enjoy the social aspect of running...there are plenty of like-minded people out there!

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