Goal Setting or DAILY action steps? How to win in 2021

Every year in the past I have intentionally set goals in January for the new year, and that's it- set and forget. I didn't make a plan of working backwards or "reverse engineering" of HOW I was actually going to succeed, I thought if I write them then maybe it will happen.

Like a lot of people I was not taught properly and DID NOT PRACTISE the art of setting goals to make it happen. I have had success in my life before with goal setting, but as for "new year" goals- no. Unless you have a mentor or coach to work the goals through with you and set daily KPI's, then you will probably not succeed. Don't be disappointed when you didn't do the work!

Over the last year I have realised through practising regular daily habits that this is the secret to success. Productivity, motivation and results only happen by taking action FIRST. You can think about it, write it down, make plans, visualise, manifest, pray (which may all help), but by prioritising tasks, doing the work and taking action- this is what gives you the result.

DOING THE WORK is not a "once a week" job. Results happen through DAILY action, that means EVERY SINGLE DAY, even when you don't feel motivated, you do it anyway. These small daily action steps keep you progressing TOWARDS you goals.

How to REVERSE ENGINEER your goals in based on what you are going to do each day to move you towards your goal.

Step 1- Set your "Big Goal" at the top of your 2021 yearly calendar.

For example - lose 10kg in 1 year to keep it off.

Step 2 - Break it down into smaller very specific achievable mini goals. (And repeat this step with similar variables each month)

  • For example - Health Goal 1 : I will lose 2kg in January 2021.

  • Write in as much detail as possible about your "WHY", ask yourself "why" 3-5 times, keep writing. eg. My blood tests came back and my blood sugar is too high; I feel tired and sluggish all the time; I feel irritated with people and myself; I want to play with my kids more without feeling like I can't breathe.

Step 3 - Ask yourself what can you commit to everyday that is moving you towards this goal. These are small daily action practises that you know you can achieve.

*Make them non-negotiable with yourself.

This can be something like:

  • Drinking an extra 2 glasses of water everyday

  • Eating protein at every main meal

  • Walking for 10 minutes everyday

  • Doing 2 sets of squats while waiting for the kettle to boil

  • Eating at least 1 serve of green vegetables everyday

  • Chewing each mouthful at least 20 times and noticing the taste and texture

  • Sitting at the table for each main meal with no electronic distractions and tuning into my hunger/fullness signals

These are small achievable goals that most people can commit to every single day without major stress or changing too much in their lives. This consistency compounds into success overtime. There is nothing in here saying "I'm going to get up 3 mornings a week and go to the gym or run". If you are not a morning person and have never done this, it is hard to start a big commitment and stick to it on your own.

Once you have achieved your daily action tasks for at least 4 weeks consistently, your self confidence builds by creating wins and then you can add onto these tasks. Getting help from a coach or mentor will make the process happen a lot faster. Think of it not as an expense but the best investment in your life and your health.

Most of the time it is the thought in your head of doing a task you don't want to do, rather than the actual task itself. We create a story around the thought and it escalates with procrastination. The thought is always much more dramatic than the actual task! Practise some mind control over your inner voice, a lot of the time this inner voice is not serving you, it's the 5 year old telling the 40 year old that she doesn't want to do something. You are not 5 anymore! Realise this and take control, take action and do it now.

Creating small daily wins is the way to move forward, and doing it every single day, even when you are tired, unmotivated, sick or busy. Find the time, stop scrolling, turn off the box, and do what you said you were going to do. Action comes first, motivation second. Once you start, most of the time everything is fine. It's just starting!

I am here to help you set up your daily action tasks if you need guidance. Book a 1-1 call with me today. After completing #75hard twice last year and I am currently doing #phase 1 of the #livehard Program, I can say with 100% certainty that doing my "non-negotiable" daily tasks have moved me forward both personally and professionally in ways that I could never have imagined. Try it, consistently, every single month. See how far you progress in 3,6,9 and 12 months time.

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