I have 12 week blocks of strength training programs available.  All programs are traditional body building style programs focusing on a lot of compound exercises- squat, deadlift, shoulder press, chin ups, bench press, dips, leg press and hip thrust.

  • 12 week “STARTING STRONG” Beginner/Intermediate Dumbbell Home or Gym Program- this for you if you only have access to dumbbells and resistance bands, or if you prefer using free weights only (no machines) in the gym. It contains 4 workouts a week – 3 full body strength sessions (on alternate days), a steady state cardio session and an optional yoga/flexibility session. 


  • 12 week “NEXT LEVEL” Intermediate/Advanced Gym Based Program- this is for you if you have been training consistently in the gym for more than 1 year and you want to follow a structured periodized program to increase your strength, and optimize body composition. It’s not easy!! It contains 5 workout days- 4 full body sessions on alternate training days, a steady state cardio session with an abdominal/core finisher, and an optional recovery/mobility yoga session. This program takes time and dedication and needs optimal recovery, sleep, and nutrition to support maximum results.  Be prepared to feel the DOMS!



  • 12 week “BUILD THE PEACH” Gym Based Program, focusing on building your glutes, hamstrings and quads- but mainly glutes. This program is for you if you have access to the gym, and you will need a thick booty band and a miniband for the accessory exercises. Glutes take consistency and time to develop (a minimum of 3 months), so be patient and do the work! This program consists of 3 lower body/glute sessions and 1 accessory session (that can be done at home with bands). A

  • All programs are only $30 a month- less than $10 a week! Payment upfront for a 3 month block ($90).


  • 1-1 Online Personalised Monthly Program Design. COMMITMENT is key for results!

  •  Personalised programming and coaching with accountability and support for you to achieve your goals! This package is for a minimum of  6-12 months. The program is  especially designed for you- YOUR goals, time, and health or injury preferences. I can work around any injury and can tailor the program exactly to your needs, with weekly check ins and unlimited contact time for questions and video technique.