I offer periodised 12 week strength training packages in 4 week blocks, including a de-load week each month. I have a home program using dumbbells and resistance bands, an intermediate/advanced gym program, a “booty building” gym program, and an upper body and core home or gym program.

Only $30 per month (payable 3 months up front).

If you want a specific program tailored exactly to you needs, goals, time, injuries or equipment available, then I highly recommend one on one online coaching. I will write in collaboration with you a 12 week program (which you will receive every 4 weeks) specifically designed to your training or aesthetic goals.

The commitment is for 3, 6 or 12 months, where we will focus on strength, hypertrophy, body composition- fat loss or muscle gain. One on one coaching also comes with a tailored macronutrient and calorie guide specifically to your goals to support your training and nutrition for the best results.

Monthly payment plans are available for 1-1 online coaching.

3 months  $300 AUD ($100 per month)

6 months $550 AUD ($92 per month)

12 months $990 AUD ($82.50 per month)