Hi! Kara here. Nearly 20 years ago in 2001, I decided to make a conscious change from all my unhealthy habits of no exercise, drinking and not really caring about what food I put in my mouth and what I listened to. I began caring, and cleaned up my health and body, moved from Melbourne to Brisbane (the sunshine state), started lifting and hired a personal trainer. I also completed the Bill Phillips "Body-For-Life-Challenge"12 week transformation (yes this was a while ago!). I made a new circle of fit friends and we supported each other.

This was the first time I stuck to my word, followed the eating and training program exactly- with the help and expert guidance of my trainer Tony, and actually completed something not education related! I was so proud of myself. This inspired me to want to help others achieve their health and fitness goals, it really turned my life and mindset around  in as little as 3 months.

Since then I've continued strength training; this has remained constant throughout the years. Over that time I also became competitive in 10km runs, half marathons, team road cycling and triathlons. I continued to train (as much as I could), safely throughout 2 pregnancies which kept me strong and sane, and I was able to get my body back relatively quickly after each birth.

What I love about helping people create positive lasting changes is THE JOURNEY. I love watching the internal transformation as well as the physical for each person.

It's about endurance, consistency, perseverance and finding your internal "why" to make the change become a habit and sticking to it. When the motivation wears off after 2 weeks, this is where I come into help with support, guidance, and making you show up, stay true to your word and take action- it's called accountability.


Doing the work creates the change. I am here to support and guide you throughout the whole journey, with a bit of tough love and a sense of humour - you'll need it!

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